Thursday, January 12, 2006

New as in not old

One and a half weeks into the new year, and I've already done two things that are newish to me. First, on Friday I had a job interview at a large Japanese manufacturers. My first ever proper interview. It went quite well, but the job wasn't what I wanted (lime green jackets, huge open plan office, strict timekeepers, angry factory workers at your desk when their pay is wrong because they've not clocked in etc). This was lucky because I wasn't what they wanted neither (isolationist, scruffy, bad timekeeper, Machiavellian, habitual slurfer, general maverick of the payroll world etc).

Second experience of the week was on Tuesday. I had a check up at the dentist. In November a dental surgery moved in next door to my office. So I joined. It was as I entered the dentist's torture chamber, did I first realise the extent of my actions. Here I was looking at that chair, at that bright light, all those scrapey things and phials of multi-coloured liquids bubbling away like in Doctor Frankenstein's games room. Then she appeared. I say 'she'. I'm not that certain. She did have the face of a woman. But the strength of a ox and the fingers of Andy Fordham. She was surprised by my honesty of alcohol intake in units a week, I'm presuming it was my honesty that surprised her, I rather meakly suggested I must've miscalculated. That said I wouldn't have taken her on in a drinking contest. So I don't clean my teeth vigorously enough (maybe that's why her arms were like railway sleepers), and I should use a mouthwash, and I've got to go back for a scale and polish. Not so bad really, considering that's all I had done last time I visited a dentist back in 1995. I just hope there's some teeth left after she's finished with them. I imagine she uses one of those industrial floor polishers they use on school halls.