Monday, January 16, 2006

Hardcore Campaigner

You know our kid has a political streak, well I thought it was about time I campaigned for summat. So I looked at protesting for a free Palestine, I looked at Heathrow's third runway and the destruction of Sipson village. In the end the fight that most needed my support and worldwide influence was the campaign to bring back the Wispa. Cadbury's ended the life of the Wispa in 2003, incorporating the delicious bubbliness into their 'superbrand' Dairy Milk Bubbly. This, as I told Cadbury's in an email on Sunday, was an ultimately inferior replacement.

To be fair, my well written plea did augment a response (although that may have been the threat to defect to Aero).

Thanks for your e-mail . This product has been discontinued.
Consumer preferences do change from time to time and as a
major manufacturer it is important that Cadbury maintain a
wide range of products that meet consumer demands. There are no
plans to re-introduce this product in the immediate future, but
there is a chance that you may see it again at some time.
Thanks again for your E-mail.
Cadbury Consumer Relations Department

Nice of Charlie to answer, but I don't quite feel as if he was buckling under the pressure. I'm not the first to campaign, and I hope I won't be the last. You know what to do comrades. Don't fail me or the British confectionary-buying public. No more inferior products, consumerism has to be democratic.

Chairman Stav.

I thought they were ace. They'll be back one day, I can feel it.
Lets all campaign to put Jossy's Giants back on our screens while we're at it.
I'm sad for the wispa, I feel when the time out chunky came along, the wispa had really had it's time.

Give me a wispa over a finger of fudge or an aero anyday.
i love wispas. i really want them back! if cadbury start making them again, i promise to buy 100 on the day of their release! mmmmm
Wispa is a classic chocloate, WHY in the first place bring out such a delicious chocolate??? And then discontinue it????? Thats playing with our taste????
Guaranteed if wispa was bought back on ther market it wud be the best selling christmas prezzie eva!!!!
the last time i had a wispa was years but till this day i still think bout such a legendary cadburys chocolate bar.... oh like they 'old is gold'...
cadburys shud reconsider wispa once again...
Rememer the adverts with Mel Smith and Grif Rhys Jones, they were nearly as great as the cohocolate itself!
Just to let you know, I also became part of a Campaign to bring back the Wispa....the link below.

You will see some good news...

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