Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Festivities crash and burn

I trust you all had an adequately indulgent Christmas. I did. There's some pictures about somewhere of the Day-After-Boxing-Day Party (where I spectacularly out-drunk everyone - especially Monsieur Pardoe) and the New Year's Party (where I didn't, but I did win a little gory nodding head thing in a raffle).

Some scientist or other reckons today is the most depressing day of the year (must be true it's in the Sun), though the Telegraph reckon it's on the 23rd. Well for me, the first day back at work is a day of frustration and relief. I'm stuck at home with a bitching cold, beige ooze appearing from a different facial orifice every half-hour. But I'm not at work, I've had soup and watched an old Buffy episode and now I'm listening to Bob Dylan so things ain't that bad.

Merk's made some pretty big new year's resolutions, hopefully one is less make-up for 2006. Me however, I don't normally make them, I mean if it ain't broke why fix it. This year I have decided to try more meat. I was supposed to eat venison at me mam's Christmas party, but that didn't happen because of the appendicitis, so I've still never eaten venison. Nor pheasant, grouse, goose, goat, bison, rabbit, pigeon, kangaroo, squid, lobster, and a whole host of fish. By the end of 2006 I hope I've tried to eat most types of animals on this planet. I see myself as a kind of Noah figure, but with fork not ark.