Friday, December 23, 2005

Johnny Mathis must suffer

So here it is. As Noddy Holder reminds us at the drop of a mirror-plated hat, "it's Christmas". The hairy one may have a complexion like the inside of a teapot, but the World's Best Brummy™ is finally right. About time too. Working all week has taken a bit of the excitement away, but I was in the boozer and therefore officially festive, by midday. Which was good, because there was nothing to do in the office anyway (it remains to be seen whether I would have done any work today if there had been stuff to do).

This is, as any drunk will tell you, a busy time of year. It narks me when footy managers like Souness and Wenger moan about a busy schedule. They should see mine.
Tonight: Crown and Fighting Cocks with the lads.
24th: Meal and drinks at Fat Frog in Coalbrookdale.
25th: JC's birthday, might have a drop or two for him.
26th: Nothing planned yet, probably the Crown then!
27th: Day after Boxing Day revelries at Chez Stav and Merk.
28th: Invited to have a crawl around Stafford with a jammy bastard Cayman Islander.
29th: Might stay in.
30th: It's a Friday, so that means a Crown/Fighting Cocks double-combo-spinning-bird-kick-special-move.
31st: Old Man Rich's much anticipated New Year's party, in his ramshackle castle.

Before I go off like the Edam at the back of our fridge dear readers, I'll share my latest art (or Photoshop faffing to describe it more accurately) with you both. They are pop-art portraits of Merk and Fella using a recipe I got from b3ta. Oh and I haven't forgot the StavTunes Top 10 of 2006 neither, I'm just waiting on Merk to find his Red Dwarf T-shirt and do something technical like hanging the mp3s on special web sky hooks or summat.