Thursday, December 01, 2005

First Advent Chocolate

... was a log. I took my last holiday day before Christmas today. I've spent most of it getting rid of last night's Baltikas. I had a great load of booze and a good night was had. I was trying to understand Rich's cuddly brand of racism, which is admittingly more of a just-add-water Essex elitism.

I applied for a job, but I didn't get it. I'm not surprised. To be honest my CV is a bit half-hearted. It's like a quiet new schoolboy in the corner chewing his sleeve while introducing himself to the rest of the classroom. "Yeah I'm alright, you could employ me if you want.. or not, that's cool". Any tips on writing CV's would be most welcome. Maybe if I hadn't written my skills in rhyming couplets. Apparently poetry isn't an quality looked for in most payroll jobs. Pah!

Just finished up a Lamb Khyberi from Dilraj and a couple of bottles of Peroni, while watching Hugh Fearnley-thingythang meet and cook for what must be the oddest collection of people on this fair island. Scarecrow makers in Dorset, haggis hunters in Dumfries, sprinting mushroom-gatherer and odd Frank Sidebottom-a-likes on the shores of Coniston. Who are these people? I want to meet weird folk. Maybe I should get a car. Then find rural oddballs, and blog about them. Hmmm, that one's getting filed under potential New Year's resolutions.


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