Thursday, November 10, 2005

Little Yellow Spider

I'm far far far far too pissed to blog proper. I drank wine in the Crown. Much to the surprise of Fulla, Fella and Old Man Rich. It bit back though. I re-decorated the downstairs toilet with chewed ham, mushroom and chilli pizza. I feel a bit better now, but Merk cleaned it up for me, so I'm now forever in his debt. Who knows what depravity awaits your humble writer.

Here's the incomparable Devendra Banhardt:

And hey there, Mrs. lovely Moon, you're lonely and you're blue
It's kinda strange, the way you change
But then again, we all do too.

Don't worry about wasps Rich, they're bastards and they want us to know it. The fact that they are more closely related to ants than bees is enough to twist my melon, man. Fucking ants are the worst. Twats.


your my bitch now.
ants are shit! Over here we have massive bitey ants. And to make matters worse, when they bite, the release a hormone which tells al the other bitey ants that they are in trouble. which of course means hundreds more bitey ants.
Ants are indeed twats.
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