Friday, September 02, 2005

Two Steps on the Water

Last night was a good night up at the dogtrack. I didn't make much money, I think I had a nett loss of 20 pence, but obviously I was drinking heavily so like the acorn that grew substantially. Twas a good laugh nonetheless. It did take me until race twelve (of twelve) to finally take some cash back off the bookies though. It's a funny sound up there though, some accents sound so thick it sounds like they're taking the piss. When ordering my burger and chips I'm sure I sounded posh in comparison, then I asked for gravy so the delicate balance of the whole universe was righted again. Phew!

The beautiful city (ahem) of Wolverhampton is again the venue tonight, this time for Shaz's leaving do, it'll be the trendy bars, but they might serve Baltika in Revolution. I've got to get the train back so I can't get too mashed. And Telford Utd are at home tomorrow, with an early kickoff.

What the frig is going on in New Orleans, anarchy is ruling, and it seems like those in charge aren't doing much about it. What a nightmare, it looks like post-war Baghdad (Hmmm – there's a thought). Hurricanes are different to earthquakes or tsunamis, you can predict quite a while before a hurricane is about to hit, why was nothing more done, especially with knowing the unique and vulnarable geography of the city? They've fucked this one up proper. Who said Americans couldn't do irony, tragically September is US National Preparedness Month. Meanwhile, there has been a lot of rumblings about racism in the area, racism at an institutional level. The media too reflects this with two similar images of the flooded city, compare and contrast the methods of obtaining food, the resourceful white family finding groceries, and the lone black looter.

Oh well.

It is so quiet at work today, since flexi-time was brought in it has been free reign for the habitual Friday dodgers. Even I didn't get in until ten, and I'm finishing at half four, then the week off, happy days. Added to that, all the managing partners are on their jollies, so Chad's busy playing Championship Manager, and with help coming from the rest of us downstairs his Torquay United are surely only hours away from their first win of the season.


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