Thursday, September 08, 2005

Strange News From Another Star

I felt a bit melancholy walking around a grey Aberystwyth today, it seems Merk took the weather with him. I strolled past the shops looking for somewhere, something to eat. I bought a newspaper and wanted to spend the afternoon in The Cabin, a chilled-out old fashioned café where no-one minds if you smoke or sit there all day. It seems I wasn't the only one with that idea, as it was busy all the tables taken, and not a great selection of butties. Plan B. I didn't know what Plan B was. I wandered back towards Great Darkgate Street, passing The Vine (packed), Subway (hmmm!). I meandered into Eastgate and gazed into the windows of The Orangary, a brand new eaterie in the formerly scruffy-as-fuck Talbot. Looked really smart, but with smart prices. And I don't trust places where the wine menu is longer than the food menu. Still no luck, so onwards downhill back towards home. Then I remembered the lovely big burger I'd had on Monday at the Bar Essential. As I entered I noticed they were showing the cricket too. Bonus. So Steak Baguette and two pints of Brains later and I'm once again a happy liitle camper. The melancholy though wasn't all about hunger. I was pacing around town, not recognising any faces. Despite it's appearences this town moves quickly, well at least it's people do. I was only here long-term five years ago, where was everyone. The truth is that students inevitably move on, and so do a number of young locals, out to find work, out to find civilisation. They'll be back, it's over-rated.

I also realised I've been walking to quickly. I've been travelling at the speed one walks around Tescos or Telford Town Centre, get there, do it, go home, job done. When I went for a walk later in the evening to get some booze and feed more twopences at the pier (I know, I know, but I'm not checking the nags, so I've got to gamble a little bit), I decided to take the pace down, and savour the stroll. Even though it was nearly dark and there was a little early Autumn drizzle in the air, there were some kids under the jetty having a barbeque. The familiar smell of sausages combined with the sound of the calm sea sucking back the pebbles. Intoxicating. I had a wonder around Pier video, but I guessed they wouldn't accept my membership card as I hadn't hired a film out for half a decade. I watched as someone else hired some Adam Sandler vid, their card looked more like a driving licence with photo and barcode. Probably had fingerprints too. Shame because they've still got a huge arthouse and European section, and plenty of dodgy 1970s Fench and Italian erotic horror flicks too. Instead I went back and hit my beers while watching Eddie Izzard and listened to The Arcade Fire album (which is absolutely fucking tops by the way).


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