Monday, September 05, 2005

Grey Skies

We ascended the train under unassuming grey skies, the day still steamy from the stormy night before. Still hoarse from the shouting it had done. The Wild West beckoned. I spent most of the two hour journey winding Merk up with endless enthusiastic questions, I was geting on his nerves. When not acting like a child I was trying to eye a girl further down the carriage, it was working too. Shy looking dark haired cutie, she was eyeing me back, this all the way from Caersws to Borth. I was going to talk to her at the platform at Aberystwyth, but she was first off the train and never looked back. Her loss.

At Aber the air was fresher and the sky was bluer. We checked into our rooms, at £17 we weren't expecting anything flash, and we didn't get anything flash. I did however, get a nice view, Constitution Hill at the edge of town and about 3 foot of sea view between two buildings on the front. I keep getting a whiff of nice grub from the nice restaurant on the prom. This was making me hungry so I dragged Merk to Bar Essential for a burger and a pint of Brains. Huge meal, comfy chairs. I needed a kip now.

After refuelling and recharching we went to hit the beers. This invovled a couple at Scholars, another couple in the Cambrian (with a successful game of Pepsi Chart Challenge), a couple in the practically deserted Rummers, and an unsuccessful walk the length of town to the Glengower (closed), before returning to that scruffy but loyal mongrel The Bay. A few more in there including a rogue G&T. Time for Spar (obviously) and home. Job done.

More soon...


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