Monday, August 08, 2005

Bell and Bails

Firstly Sunday morning. The cricket - Wow! Can't say I particularly enjoyed it, not till the last wicket anyway. The newspapers are more full of cricket than I can ever remember, which I think is great for the game. The country has a new sporting hero too, I think Freddy Flintoff has just etched his name onto Sport Personality of the Year, and unlike many past winners he actually seems to own a personality. Without the uninteresting do-gooder aloofness of Wilkinson, or the quasi-regal attention-seeking of Beckham, this guy actually seems the likely-lad hero British sport often craves. Think Gazza until the legend (and the waisteline) outgrew the talent. But mainly think of Ian Botham (the pundits certainly have been this morning). I don't want to be a killjoy, but England made a pig's ear of Sunday morning, and the Australian tail-enders should never have got half as many runs as they did. Fair dinkum to Brett Lee, I don't approve of his wicket-taking celebration and I think his head is too narrow, but he batted bravely yesterday. He got mullered by Harmison and Freddy's 90mph chin music. Don Bradman once explained to Richie Benaud when the latter had captained Australia to the first ever tied Test from the jaws of victory, that the dramatic occasion had transcended the importance of a result, it would recapture the imagination. I have a hunch that this last Test may provide a similar legacy. Cheers Fred.

Preceding the bat and balls, were booze and bellylaughs on Saturday night. Merk has written a concise account of the evening, and I'm very pleased because I'm afraid my memory isn't quite as sharp, especially after my covert wine-sweeping operation. I do remember I had a good time, and laughed in all the right places to the best men's speech. I also remember trying to do karaoke, Steelers Wheel - more like We'll er... Squeal. The venue was tops, the grub was posh, the wine was good, but I did think the DJ was a bit average really. Even for a mobile DJ. I just don't think he got the most out of a boozy and happy crowd to be honest. By that I probably mean he didn't play any of my party signature tunes (Dexy's, Happy Mondays, New Order, [ahem] YMCA). Super night, well done to the families of Austin and Emma.

Got to go, the Mighty Boosh is on. Ta-ra.


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