Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tessa Jowell's face

Well, I couldn't be any less excited about London being awarded the Olympic Games for 2012. I think the Olympics are shite really. The boxings alright, but track and field is bobbins, swimming isn't sport it is drowning evasion, and fucking gymnastics? The trouble I have with the Olympics is that I'm a big fan of the minority sports like Football, Rugby Union and Cricket. Now these little sports are not well covered by the Olympics: the football is a glorified under-21 kickabout; some Olympic committee member described rugby as 'a joke'; and in 2012, Lords, the revered home of cricket, will be used for... fucking archery. Olympics are all hype, hype, hype and then we're supposed to follow fucking rowing or summat.

BBC News is currently wetting themselves, "sport in Britain will never be the same again"? How, so the children of London can watch some steroid-laden Yanks win gold medals on the track, some Aussie with abnormal sized feet clean up in the swimming pool and ex-Soviet pre-pubescents win all the gymnastics events. Or fencing, or baseball, or show jumping. Remember the general apathy, or worse, the ridicule when Birmingham bid for the games in 1992, and Manchester bid in 1996 and 2000, I can't remember the government and the media pushing that as hard. Reassuring to see that the North-South divide still exists.

There is a mini-concert going on in Trafalgar Square at the moment with ex-M People's Heather Small, and ex-Spice Girl Mel C (not sure which one that was). So at least the people of Paris can take some relief in the knowledge that the people of London and their ears, aren't having it easy at the moment. And will boss-eyed ex-S-Clubber Rachel Stevens sing at the opening of an envelope?

Apologies if this all reads a bit churlish, but I don't live in London and my sports aren't included in Olympics.


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