Friday, July 29, 2005

"No way you big spastic! You're a mentalist!"

I don't normally blog from work, but I'm so desperately bored. I've got next to nothing to do. So I'm eating my ham and emmental panini (I know, I know), I've already picked my horses, checked my email, read the Guardian, the BBC, Mailwatch, Independent, and even the Times. Dunno what to do now, just waiting to go to the pub at one o'clock. I must admit I have learnt a lot already this morning, on this day in 1030 King Olaf II fought and died in the Battle of Stiklestad, trying to regain his Norwegian throne from the Danes. Talking of northern European invasions, apparently the Germans and Italians are swapping tabloid taunts over the behavior of German tourists in the Italian resorts ("[The anti-beer drinking sentiment] is a heresy for Germans, not unlike outlawing pizza in Italy").

Aaaarrgghh! At this rate I may have to do a Suduko puzzle, apparently it's sweeping the nation, although the only time I hear about it is when yet another Southern journo is describing just how popular it is. Maybe it is only played by journos. I think I'll stick to Lightning Break.

I got a bit pissed on Wednesday night. So much so that I was playing air cricket in the street with Fulla until I fell over attempting a huge leg-side slog. Just as a police car went past. It stopped and a bobby opened his door and asked if I was alright, I think I muttered something about my shoddy batting technique, while picking myself off the ground. I forgot about the whole episode until Thursday evening. Not a good sign. I then went home and despite being close to the end-of-the month poverty line, bought some stuff of Amazon. I know I bought a Father Ted dvd, and I think I bought Jamon Jamon, but I can't remember what else. I'm not finding out though, I like suprises. I just really really hope it isn't 1,001 Ways to Eat My Jizz, Part 3: Biscuits and Gravy Edition.

It was a nice jizz-free panini by the way.

Yours, hoping this working day will end soon,


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