Friday, July 01, 2005

International Language of Screaming

Booo, pity poor Maria. The lovely grunting one was knocked out of the Wimbledon semis by the self-styled ghetto princess, the planetary-monikered lankier Williams sister.

Talking of lovely blonde ladies, Georgina Thompson off Sky Sports News is a big favourite of mine. Listening to her informing me of who Wrexham have released on a free transfer, or who Colchester United have signed is always special moment between me and my telly.

It's the news no-one wanted to hear. I've become rubbish at Stick Cricket. I tried playing it yesterday and I was hopeless. I blame work. But I've got next week off, so I should be a pinch-hitting demon by next weekend.

There is a quiz machine in the Priors Lodge, you know the type, fancy touch screen affair with pop quizzes with Dr Fox in them. Well every Friday lunchtime I throw my money into the Bullseye quiz. Peter Kay-related kitschiness aside, it's not a bad premise for a quiz game, good questions and a nice aiming device for the darts. I've hardly ever won anything on it. I think my addiction comes from getting a question wrong, and the 'game over' sign appears above Bully himself standing at a bus stop (why?), arms folded and looking suitably scornful at you for fucking it up. Genius.


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