Tuesday, July 19, 2005

BBQ and Ashes

Great barbeque on Saturday night. Smoke, beers, charred chicken, hot-dogs, fireworks, top notch. I wasn't going to bed until all the beer had gone. I was trolleyed, and suffered a bit on Sunday, although nowhere near as much as I rightly should've.

I finally set up my own flickr account. While there, I had a wander around the world of public photography, and stumbled upon these folk dressed as their favourite video game and anime characters. Apparently it's big in Japan (what isn't), and it's perfectly ordinary to pop to the shops for a can of saki and the Tokyo Times, dressed head to toe as Ryu from Steet Fighter II. On a similar vein, I found this gallery of lovely Japanese women standing next to things and holding things at some sort of expo or something. Very nice. And to complete the circle check out this dude's retro arcade.

Bowling Jonesy, bowlingOnly two days to go until the Ashes starts, I can't wait. Though, for the last 3 or 4 series I have worked myself up into a frenzy, only to be crestfallen about half an hour through the first session on the first day of the first Test. Last time out, it was Nasser's bizarre decision upon winning the toss to put Australia into bat on a sunbaked Brisbane flat-track, where even I probably would have made 30 runs! Oh, and a young, fiery Simon Jones getting knee-knack in the turf and putting him out of cricket for 18 months.

What I hate though, is football news. I love football, but it should know it's place. This is Summer, I'm more than happy for football to reign supreme in Autumn, Winter and Spring, and every other Summer when there's a World Cup or the Euros. But Sky Sports News is really pissing me off, devoting ten minutes or so to every tabloid transfer tittle-tattle tale, no matter how unfounded or unlikely it may be. Last night I was half-watching, hoping for a bit of Ashes preview, or at the very least the latest sordid tale involving Shane Warne, his mobile phone and a married woman, but what I got was a newspaper back-page review Sky Sports style. It went something like this:
The Sun has "Wright-Phillips is our Rooney says John Terry", Mirror has "100 million man", that's about Mourinho's spending breaking the 100 mil mark, the Mail goes with "Baptista says no to London clubs", the Daily Star: "Ferg loves Weng says Rafa", and the broadsheets concentrate mostly on cricket. Coming up next on Sky Sports News, Gerrard's cousin, and we talk to Colchester United's new manager on his exciting transfer targets
That's the spleen vented. The betting types amongst you may wish to wager a couple of quid on an Australia 3-2 victory. VCbet has it at 16/1, which could be a nice little earner between two close teams, as long as the rain holds off. Also a winning bet could take the sting out of losing the series, and two more years of the ensuing Antipodean smugness in the one sport that truly matters to every red-blooded cork-hatted Tooheys-drinking fair-dinkum Australian. Go get 'em Freddy. Give 'em hell KP. Put it up 'em Harmy. Stuff 'em Gilo. Chuffin' 'ave 'em Vaughanie.


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