Monday, July 25, 2005

"AreyouKen?" indeed

I'm full of a bastard cold at the minute. I'm listening to Stone Roses' Second Coming ("I liked it"), through the occasional crackling of my own ear-phlegm. It really is as pleasant as it sounds. Well the Test match was a disappointment, especially after the way it started. The regular wickets on Thursday caused a procession of Australians leading back into the pavilion quicker than if there'd been a couple of Minogue sisters in there. About 3pm on day one it all started unravelling, and as predictable as a Lance Armstrong Tour de France victory, on a rainy day four McGrath and Warne finally put the Shiny New Actually Quite Good England team out of it's misery. Skipper Michael Vaughan bore the same well-worn expression so reminiscent of Messrs Hussain, Atherton and Gooch. Still Kevin Pietersen looked good... by looking good I certainly don't mean his Pepé le Pew barnet.

I found Final Fantasy VII game while clearing a pile of cds and things, I'd forgotten how deep and all-consuming this game is. I shouldn't like all the text based scenes and the turn-based battles bordering on the tedious, but the story and characters are so engrossing it just sucks you in. There is more emotion and originality in this saga than in a multi-plex full of Hollywood blockbusters. One of the best video games I have ever played. So at the rick of bordering the geeky, here is the rest of the best computer games ever according to Stav:

The name's Stavros. Blog of StavrosGoldeneye 007 (N64) - I bought the console on the back of it. It's just a shoot 'em up, but it is the finest, especially in Donkey Kong/Invisible/Paintball mode.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2) - GTA3 was more revotionary, and San Andreas more ambitious, this caught my imagination most fully, with it's razor sharp 80's setting and THE best game soundtrack ever.
Street Fighter 2 (Coin-op) - Waiting for Merk's bus at the shop on Watling Street so we could feed it ten pences and bash the shit out of each other with big Eddie Honda's slap thing or with that stretchy dude from India. Probably could've bought the arcade game with the dinner money we spent on it.
Sensible Soccer (Amiga) - From the top down squatty little players to the huge swerving banana shots from outside the box, to renaming your team after existentialist philosophers and telling your mother it was homework (Kierkegaard destroyed many a defence that season).
Championship Manager 00/01 (PC) - This was the Bill Shankly, the Jock Stein, the Brian Clough of footy games. I probably failed my degree trying to take Cardiff to the Cup Final... well, that and 50p tequila slammers at the Inn on the Pier.

Let me know if you can think of any other games that deserve such revered status.


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