Monday, June 06, 2005

Longshot Kick de Bucket

Lewsey in the tries v. Bay, manI went to Old Man Rich's on Saturday morning to watch the first Lions rugby match against Bay of Plenty. It was an early start, I got up at 7:30, which is about an hour earlier than a weekday. It was a good laugh, with Fulla, Austin and the host himself. Rich put on a great breakfast, sausages, bacon, the works. I gave it 21 mins into the match before cracking open the first can of Stella. Of the match itself, it was a big loss to lose Dallaglio like that, but I thought Dwayne Peel and Josh Lewsey were on top of their game. Ronan O'Gara had a rotter with the goal kicking, but his pressure place kicking in the second half was good, but with Jonesy and Wilko in the squad I think he did his chances some harm. Paul O'Connell was the pick of the forwards, Ben Kay did well too, in all the lineout looked pretty solid throughout, even when Steve Thompson come on to throw. It was a tougher match than they expected, but it was a damn site more useful than that first tour match in Australia four years agou when they put a cricket score on a hapless bunch of larrikins.

I've been thinking about films all day today at work. Trying to choose some of my favourite scenes. I've come up with a short selection:

Dr Strangelove - Vera Lynn and mushroom clouds. Is there a more beautiful end of the world? God bless Kubrick.

Fargo - I love all the homely scenes between Marge and Norm, their warmth balances the cold nature of almost all the other major characters, and of course of the setting itself.

Akira - The opening sequence, all Japanese beats, futuristic motorbikes, and those beautifully animated light trails. I first saw it in about 1993, and it was then I realised there was more to cartoons than mice and mermaids.

Spirited Away - Twelve years later I saw this film and rediscovered the beauty of anime. The train journey marks the point in the picture where Chihiro starts to take control of her situation. It is one of the most beautiful, calm and serene scenes in film.

You'll simply never understand the true nature of sacrifice.The Wicker Man - It's the start of the May Day parade, and Edward Woodward is confused, and he is being watched by creepy kids in creepy animal masks. Creepy.

Big Lebowski - "Eight year olds, Dude."

The Usual Suspects - The very end, where Spacey's limp turns into a walk, and the penny drops. So powerful, so unexpected, so perfect.


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