Friday, June 03, 2005

Eastern Standard Time

I'm trying hard to do nothing at work this morning, but the telephone keeps a-ringing, or the bosses keep a-walking past my desk. The second Test starts in half an hour, that'll keep me busy. It's a good sporting weekend coming up, with the cricket, the first match of the Lions tour tomorrow morning and it's Derby Day at Epsom tomorrow too (Gypsy King on the nose and an each-way saver on Kong I'm thining).

I got a wee bit drunk (very) on Wednesday night, after a week or so of being bothered about money, it was nice to go out for a drink after payday. I've now got a scratch on my head after trying to wear a traffic cone (I know it wasn't very original but I find people don't tend to leave original things lying about in the street for the drunken show-off). Out tonight too. Huzzah!

I'm struggling to get into Big Brother this year, it seems an extension of last year's nastiness, and none of the housemates are likeable. It's only the first week, yet arguments seem to have vastly out-numbered laughs. Maybe car crash TV is trying too hard for a bigger crash. Channel 4 did show Ricky Gervais' Politics last night. Top drawer. "I say a friend, more of a friend of my Grandad's really". I was laughing at that half an hour after turning the telly off.

Please give full marks for Merk's photo here.

Ooh, the Test match is about to start,

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