Thursday, June 30, 2005

Danish Decorum

My nag come last in this raceI went to the races at Uttoxeter on Sunday. It was a glorious day, and a thoroughly enjoyable one too. I had to limit my gambling as it was a few day before pay day, but I managed to make a slight profit (about a tenner), mainly thanks to a 33-1 placer. I took some nice photos. We had a barbeque later that afternoon, and I caught the sun a bit. Nice.

I joined the Summer Burn on Funjunkie, and I've been racking my brains on what to put on the CD. At least the cover art is done, seaside donkey on the front and pathetic looking sandcastle on the back.

For the first time I regretted getting up early on a Saturday morning to watch the Lions match. They were tepid, uninspiring and had no plan 'B'. The team selection and tactics were more conservative than a Henley election result. New Zealand played hard, and showed attacking intent despite the dreadful conditions. Christ knows what the score would have been if it had been dry and the pitch had been hard. The loss of O'Driscoll was a big blow, made even more of a loss when seeing the Lion's other world-class centre, Gavin Henson, sitting in the crowd rather than on the bench. I don't think there was anything too malicious in the tackle the Irishman received, but it didn't stop Alistair Campbell applying more spin than than Shane Warne on the Waltzers. Mind you, the hot-dogs were nice.

The Knight of the Rugby Realm has rung the changes, so we will get to see Henson, little Shane Williams, the impressive Ryan Jones and the eager Lewis Moody. It looks a much better team, maybe not good enough to beat an All Black's team with the bit between their teeth, but they should at least worry some of them in attack. I know the Kiwis have a lot of respect for Shane Williams, he may only be about 4 foot tall, but he has quicker footwork than Gene Kelly on hot coals.

Cricket games for the playstation are like buses, you wait ages for a decent one, and then EA Cricket and Brian Lara International come at once. But beacuse it's not a footy sim or a yankie sport, it's almost impossible to find reviews to help me decide which one to plump for.

I've not been at all interested in Wimbledon (as ever), but Sharapova's looking nice again this year. Apparently she's about 11 million quid better off than she was this time last year. All that money for stroking little balls around a park in London, that's more than some MPs and celebrity chefs get for it, I bet.


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