Monday, June 13, 2005

90 mph Mullett

I'm writing this while watching the England-Australia Twenty20 match, so bear with me.

Using the random links in that questionaire I did last week, I browsed through a number of blogs that caught my eye. There's some cool photos of the Buddha's birthday on this one. Many happy returns Sid. FOUR! More nice photos on this, I dunno what they're writing about but it looks nice. Check out the big beard. Old Man Rich will like this bloke's musings on the exciting world of spanking. Yes, spanking. SHOT!! Here's one from a Yank who knows too much about Britain's favourite serial killer. Finally, there's some kitten photos on this one.

WICKET! I love horse racing names, I was waiting for the result of my flutter and two names caught my eye in the 3.45 at Brighton. Former French footballer Lizarazu was beaten into second place by Biblical basher and Charlton Heston lookalike Ben Hur (presumably he wasn't pulling a chariot). SIX - 'AVE IT! I liked the names they used on The Day Today. Zeinab Badawi's Twenty Hotels and Massive Bereavement and my favourite Trust Me, I'm A Stomach. I'd call my horse Win or Glue, get the animal right lentil eating-types on side. Shameless comments plea: What would you call yours?

In BOD we trustIt was chili for breakfast on Saturday, courtesy of Austin, in part two of our 'Great Lions Tour Saturday morning routine'. Very nice. The match was actually spicier than the food, especially for old Clive Woodward. WICKET - SHIT! Those Maori boys were up for it, and the swansonging 'King' Carlos Spencer was absolute quality. Some big thinking to be done before the Tests start. Wednesday's match sees some big guns start in the backs, Wilko, Peel, Henson, O'Driscoll, Robinson, 'Alfie' and Lewsey. I just hope that the much-maligned forwards can get the ball to them. We could see more fireworks than an arson at a petrol station if they do get plenty of possession and have confidence to chuck it about a bit. SIX - FETCH THAT!


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