Thursday, May 05, 2005

Two Sevens Clash

Eating Cadbury's Buttons and drinking Grolsch, half-watching AZ Alkmaar versus Sporting Lisbon on Eurosport (it's that or The frigging Bill). Just waiting for the best bit of telly since Shameless finished, I love election night, even in years when I've been too young or not been too arsed about politics, I think it makes fantastic television, all them maps and swingometres and graphs. All the results, like the interesting bit in the Eurovision Song Contest when Wogan's pissed and Greece give full marks to Cyprus. Quality. It's like a precurser to all these lazy text-for-the-winner programs such as that I'm C-List Get Me On That Fucking Jungle Show. Messrs Dimbleby and Snow = PJ and Duncan. Or summat.

Birthday weekend was great, but heavy on the wallet and liver. Friday, Saturday and Sunday all saw some heavy drinking, dancing and more drinking. I was also out the following Tuesday night at an impromptu work's do in a room above the Oddfellows Arms on High Street. That involved some kareoke, and anyone who was there will recall my heart-warming rendition of Hey Jude with moist eyes, I'm in no doubt. Doing YMCA in a Beastie Boys style, complete with improvised lyrics questioning the sexuality of a work-mate, was probably not the best idea I've ever had though. We laugh about it now of course... I think.

Dey do dough don't dey, dough?Liverpool in the European Cup final?! A few posts ago I mentioned that we were re-entering the Seventies, well you just watch in a few weeks when Stevie Gerrard and Jamie Carragher go up to pick up the trophy, they'll have grown perms and moustaches à la Graeme Souness and Terry McDermott. Now that the FA have said Liverpool won't qualify for next year's Big Cup without finishing fourth in the League I hope they win. I know it'll be woodwork and bandwagon time for the countless millions of plastic scousers but it'd be funny if a footballer of Djimi Traore's quality (ahem) would have a winner's medal. He'd be right up there with Kenneth McNaught and Jesper Blomqvist. Maybe next year it'll be Lee Carsley, well who knows, it won't be Titus Bramble though. Not next year anyway.


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