Thursday, May 12, 2005

Time Longer Than Rope

Thank the Lord, a weekend in Aberystwyth starts tomorrow. The way work is at the moment I hope I'm not on the train home on Sunday. So many of my muckers have left, are leaving or are being moved around the office. It's getting so dull I feel as if I'm leaving my brain at home. My mind is being anaesthetised by payroll. My only releases are a bit of daily gambling and copious amounts of Ska and Rocksteady when I get home. It is against this background that the main plot is being acted out, and the protagonist is going to be played by my beloved Mid Wales seaside town. Hopefully it's going to be like The Monkees featuring Withnail & I on Brains SA. The Castle, Andy's Records, the harbour, The Cabin café, Galloways bookshop, Rummers, Bar Essential, Yr Hen Orsaf, Inn on the Pier, The Bay, old friends all, and I shall be enjoying them with other friends. Nine of them to be exact. I hope I can get some time to wander around, with memories and plans for the future, maybe a trip to the Job Centre? I'll let you know when I come back. Hopefully our kid will have some nice photos.


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