Sunday, May 22, 2005

Take It Easy

It was a famous weekend in Aberystwyth. The weather was perfect, the beers a-flowing and the company was spot on. The B&B was a cosy place, with Merk's snoring as a soundtrack. The Wetherspoons provided a useful day-time meeting point and served VB too. After we checked in on Friday afternoon we played about on the beach waiting for late arrivals Macca and Merk, skimming stones and pushing each other over and checking one or two of the promenade joggers. Off to the Varsity for a couple as we got ready for the evening in instalments, a few games of pool in Bar Essential, watching Macca take photos of girls and Rich banging his head on a low roof again and again. Over to the Cambrian for the now obligitory Ewoks. We gained two Antipodeans to our party at this stage. I'll say no more. Off to Rummers for the rest of the evening. Outside it was a bit fresh by this stage in the night, but the beer coat was cosy. Merk had an argument with a woman on stilts about performing elephants. Things getting hazy. Must be the sea air. Or the booze.

Saturday morning wasn't too bad. Well not for me, I don't know about Fulla, he looked a bit worse for wear. Wondered down to Andy's Records with Fulla and Austin. Strolled up the street to meet Macca and Bacon fresh from the arcade on the Pier. Found Macca the tat shop for some tea towels and rock. Back to the Wetherspoons. Few pints in the afternoon sun, Coronation Chicken baguette from Spartacas and an afternoon nap. Saturday night started for me in the Chinese on Pier Street. I wasn't very hungry so I made do with the dregs of Merk's mushroom soup and an unwanted wanton from Bacon. Up to The Academy. Nice views but dreadful music. Most of us were just starting to feel 'in the zone', so back down to The Bay we went. Sweaty, noisy, loud, perfect. Some great music in here, all of us dancing, Rambo most impressive dancing to The Streets. After closing we cooled off on the prom, watched a little fight and talked to a Dutchman.

Again no hangover on Sunday morning, and again Fulla seemed to suffer for us all. What a hero. Cup of tea in the Wetherspoons, the train come just as the bar opened at midday. Rowdy journey home, especially me and Macca. We arrived in Wellington and descended on The Beacon for a welcome home pint, must have still been in holiday mode. One pint turned into four, but it was time to go home.

I was so knackered I phoned the gaffer up and asked for the Monday off. I've got to get back there now. Back in August when me and our kid went, it was pretty quiet in town, not quite it's usual lively busy self. This was the first time I'd been in term time for some four years. And that is a long time. Too long. It won't be another four till it happens again.


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