Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ring The Alarm

Election night was a good laugh, me and our kid sank quite a few beers and a bottle of wine, supping inbetween playing cliché bingo and booing and or laughing at the UKIP or BNP candidates. BBC's coverage was entertaining, except for the backstage party thing with Natasha Kaplinsky and that bloke from Dead Ringers, that was just surreal. I went to bed before my constituency went from red to blue on Peter Snow's map despite my best efforts, damn Post Office must've misplaced all two thousand of my postal vote slips. I could have watched it all night, and would have done if it weren't for that vortex of fun they call 'work'. I was over an hour late anyway. I can't remember the last time I was at work before nine. Or half past nine thinking about it.

We are going upThe Bucks Head was bouncing today in the nervy play-off final. Biggest crowd of the season, drums, ticker tape (ripped up Shropshire Stars), Claxons, fancy dress clowns (creepy) complete with horns and bells, there was even a flare like at the San Siro. Visitors Kendal Town scored first after about 5 minutes or so, sending the couple of hundred Cumbrian fans wild, and turning four thousand locals gloomy. Only for a while though, the atmosphere never really relented, and just before half-time AFC Telford equalised, keeping the dream alive (which incidently was just one of the songs murdered by the Stage School at half time). The second half was all Telford, they worked hard and Kendal were never in it after the home team took the lead early in. Post match celebrations included the aforementioned flare (I didn't realise quite how much smoke comes off them things) and a good natured pitch invasion. New season new league then. Wonder what exoticly named teams will visit the Bucks Head after the summer.


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