Monday, May 30, 2005

30 Pieces of Silver

An uneventful Bank Holiday, my actions restricted by the deepening crisis that is my wallet. Still, a day off is a day off I suppose. I'll just spend it playing Football Manager. I get paid tomorrow, which is really fucking useful after a holiday weekend, thats what you get for working for accountants I guess, they hate parting with their money. What's more the Sky has been cut off, so I won't be able to watch the play-off final later this afternoon (come on North End).

Repetitive, overexposed and extremely irritating, I'm so pleased that the Crazy Frog got to number one yesterday instead of Coldplay. (HONK!)

I thought I'd share some links, to the stuff that has been entertaining me of late. Google maps is great, and there are extensive satellite images for North America, the best of which are recorded on this blog. Hopefully they'll do Britain next, as once you've seen one baseball ground you've seen 'em all. Merk sent me this link a while back, Tube Gossip, I can't work out if they are all genuine or not, but there is some great one-liners and the lack of context makes it all the more entertaining.

England wrapped up a innings victory over Bangladesh before lunchtime on day three. They were thoroughly professional, and the Banglas were thoroughly out of their depth. The evidence for two-tier Test sytstem grows by the series (21 innings defeats in their 37 Tests to date). I suggest they are relegated along with Zimbabwe to a second level with Kenya, Scotland, Ireland and Holland. They could play meaningful and challenging first class five-day matches against each other, and against the likes of England's and Australia's 'A' teams. I agree they shouldn't be cast aside, but how are these young Bangladeshis going to learn by being battered around the ground by Trescothick or being peppered by Harmison's chin music?

So France have said non to Europe. Well I suppose it's been devalued now that Liverpool are champions (double HONK!).


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