Monday, April 18, 2005

Pressure Drop

It was a 10p mix was this weekend's bag of sweets. I had to work on Saturday morning, meaning I missed the Soccerette on Soccer AM. Shame, it looked like it might have been yellow card time too. Work itself was boring, just shitty year end jobs, I still think the company should have trained a chimp for jobs like those. We could dress him in a waistcoat and a fez and he could smoke a pipe too. Or an orangutan, they're not as co-operative but they'll do anything for man's red fire.

I dug around some old cds the other day, ripping a few to my mp3 player, found some obscure indie stuff (Whipping Boy, Tiger, Chewy anybody?), also I listened to The Great Escape by Blur. Despite seeing them on that tour at the NEC Arena, I never thought much of the album when it came out, disappointment after Parklife I suppose, but it's a thoroughly good listen. Yuko and Hiro and He Thought of Cars are top top Blur tunes.

Sport at the Weekend was a Weekend of two halves. Saturday was glorious, down at the Bucks Head, AFC Telford won 2-0, but the crowd was the real highlight. It was the noisiest match I've ever been to. At 2014, there has been bigger crowds this season, but none more atmospheric, drums and chanting from the first minute until a long time after the ninetieth. The visiting Mossley players must've been bricking it, they only avergage 239 at home. Other results meant that Telford rose to second in the table, so automatic promotion is definitely on. Also on Saturday I won a few quid on Genghis, the horse who rescued my balance on Grand National day. No joy since then though, so I've decided not to publish my tips as I don't want to cause any more suffering.

Did anyone watch Channel 4's Greatest Albums last night. There was some quality long players in that list. Despite what Merk thinks, I wanted to see more Bob Dylan (Bringing it All Back Home, and Highway 61 Revisited at least), and the omission of Bowie's Hunky Dory is probably bordering on criminal. Massive Attack's Blue Lines and Primal Scream's Screamadelica should have been higher, as should The Stone Roses, Nevermind the Bollocks and The Velvet Underground and Nico (the one with the 'nana on the front). That said there were some nice surprises in there, like Love's Forever Changes (the best psychadelic LP ever), Billy Holiday, Air and Curtis Mayfield were also top choices. OK Computer as the 'Greatest Ever Album', hmmm, it's not even the 'Greatest Radiohead Album' in my chart, that honour goes to The Bends, which I find is not as self-indulgent, simply a better pop album.

Birthday looms. Wednesday is calling. I've already booked Thursday off, that'll save me phoning up work on the morning with a hangover the size of Tokyo. How old is 26? Should I be married yet? Should I know how to hang wallpaper and have a stick for stirring paint? Should I still find enjoyment in computer games? Should I know how what WD40 is, how much it is and where to get it? Should I still find farting funny? Should I know about fixed-rate mortgages and stakeholder pensions? Should I care about the answers to these questions, because what's probably worrying is that I don't think I do in the slightest!

Yours about to equal his highest cricket innings,

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