Sunday, April 10, 2005


In the recent wake of Welsh Grand Slams, Tony Christie chart-toppers and Chesney Hawkes on the telly, one could conclude that comebacks are in fashion, old is the new new. Not wishing to fly in the face of such overwhelming scientific evidence, I've decided to cast away the shackles of laziness and temperamental laptops and return to the blog which bears my name. So... 'ow do?

I wasn't very well last week, and spent most of the week at home watching monkey tennis and MTV2 and fighting boredam, hunger and headaches. Discovered that jam sandwiches are only a cure for one of these afflictions (and it's not hunger or headaches HONK HONK). I'm better now of course, but my current role in the great theatre of life is that of first snot receptacle. A minor role I'm sure, but I am playing it with great gusto. A full week at work follows. Glee.

I'm trying to save up for a new PC, I tried to buy it last month but it would have cleaned me out proper, leaving no money for my vices, and I wasn't willing to sacrifice those lambs. I'm hoping that I'll have it this time around.

Did you enjoy the Grand National yesterday, I did but for the tenth year running I won nowt. Strong Resolve proved to be false advertising and sauntered round the course with the enthusiasm of a Sunday driver on his way to a drive-thru castration. Luckily I had costs covered with a 18 quid win on the 2.50 at Aintree on the tough sounding Genghis.

Zapping through the music channels I can't get away from the frankly watery new Oasis single Lyla, or Layla or is it Lola? Also can't help feeling that they sound out of date. I was a big Oasis fan in the day, and still hold Definately Maybe to be one of the finest debut long players this side of The Stone Roses, but up against the showy young upstarts of the likes of Bloc Party and the quite brilliant Futureheads they seem past it and bland, and The Doves are doing epic Northern anthems better than the brothers Gallagher ever have (Black and White Town is as good as The Verve at their finest in my opinion).


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