Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Double Barrell

Just been to Bucks Head for a great 4-0 win over the less than mighty Belper Town. 1600 attendance, about 10 of which had come from the funny-named Derbyshire town. After last week's embarrassing Bowyer v Dyer handbags, I thought the weekend's sending offs at Villa Park were more of an indication of the way footies going theses days. West Brom's Jonathan Greening and Villa's young Liam Ridgewell were both sent off for a bit of argy involving their foreheads. This was a tense and passionate derby match, and for a moment these two players lost their cool, but no punches were thrown, no kicks, instead a bit of stag-like testosterone showing off. The referee could have easily told them to cool it and warn them, but it was straight to the easy option of his red card. I know there's a bloke in the stands evaluating the ref's performance, so it's pointless having a go at the man in black. It seems as though the powers that be want matches to be controlled by written rules instead of common sense.

In the Six Nations finale at Cardiff last month, Ireland's Paul O'Connell (17 stone and 6 '6") and Robert Sidoli (18 and half stone, 6'5") started trying to punch the shite out of each other. The referee called them both to him and told them to cool down and that he didn't want sendings off to spoil an otherwise great rugby match. He called the Irish and Welsh captains to him and warned them anymore shenanigans would result in dismissals. Situation diffused, and the game was better for it. Is it that hard to bring such common sense into the round ball sport?

I managed to get my N64 working last night, and spent a happy hour being Bond. This led me to look for Mario 64 on ebay. I found it for a fiver on 'buy it now'. Bought it now, and went to pay for it, but I discovered I'm up to my limit on Paypal. I didn't even realise there was a limit on Paypal. Now I have to give them my bank details, ask them to phone me to check I am where I am, and probably give them my inside leg and 3rd form end of term report to continue using it. Could take a fortnight or so, in the meantime an Italian plumber with a dodgy 'tache is a-waiting. Shits.

There's a few folk leaving at work, it feels like a doomed ship. Big drinking buddy and Christmas party entertainer Jon is leaving at the end of this month, and I found out yesterday that 'Big' Damo is departing in June. He's jammyed a position at HSBC in the Cayman Islands. Caribbean or Stafford Park? I told him that he was very lucky, because if I managed a McDonalds, I wouldn't employ him. I think this is where my popularity stems from. Mind you, if he can get a job that far afield, then surely I can get a job in Aberystwyth. Surely?

I had a winner on the nags today, since the Gold Cup I have been slowly turning a tenner into more, and it's currently at 34 quid. Tomorrow's wagers could come in the form of Unleash in the 3:10 at Cheltenham or Tartouche who's racing at Newmarket at 1:10. I'll let you know how I get on, because I know there's a couple of gamblers out there.

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