Monday, April 18, 2005

Pressure Drop

It was a 10p mix was this weekend's bag of sweets. I had to work on Saturday morning, meaning I missed the Soccerette on Soccer AM. Shame, it looked like it might have been yellow card time too. Work itself was boring, just shitty year end jobs, I still think the company should have trained a chimp for jobs like those. We could dress him in a waistcoat and a fez and he could smoke a pipe too. Or an orangutan, they're not as co-operative but they'll do anything for man's red fire.

I dug around some old cds the other day, ripping a few to my mp3 player, found some obscure indie stuff (Whipping Boy, Tiger, Chewy anybody?), also I listened to The Great Escape by Blur. Despite seeing them on that tour at the NEC Arena, I never thought much of the album when it came out, disappointment after Parklife I suppose, but it's a thoroughly good listen. Yuko and Hiro and He Thought of Cars are top top Blur tunes.

Sport at the Weekend was a Weekend of two halves. Saturday was glorious, down at the Bucks Head, AFC Telford won 2-0, but the crowd was the real highlight. It was the noisiest match I've ever been to. At 2014, there has been bigger crowds this season, but none more atmospheric, drums and chanting from the first minute until a long time after the ninetieth. The visiting Mossley players must've been bricking it, they only avergage 239 at home. Other results meant that Telford rose to second in the table, so automatic promotion is definitely on. Also on Saturday I won a few quid on Genghis, the horse who rescued my balance on Grand National day. No joy since then though, so I've decided not to publish my tips as I don't want to cause any more suffering.

Did anyone watch Channel 4's Greatest Albums last night. There was some quality long players in that list. Despite what Merk thinks, I wanted to see more Bob Dylan (Bringing it All Back Home, and Highway 61 Revisited at least), and the omission of Bowie's Hunky Dory is probably bordering on criminal. Massive Attack's Blue Lines and Primal Scream's Screamadelica should have been higher, as should The Stone Roses, Nevermind the Bollocks and The Velvet Underground and Nico (the one with the 'nana on the front). That said there were some nice surprises in there, like Love's Forever Changes (the best psychadelic LP ever), Billy Holiday, Air and Curtis Mayfield were also top choices. OK Computer as the 'Greatest Ever Album', hmmm, it's not even the 'Greatest Radiohead Album' in my chart, that honour goes to The Bends, which I find is not as self-indulgent, simply a better pop album.

Birthday looms. Wednesday is calling. I've already booked Thursday off, that'll save me phoning up work on the morning with a hangover the size of Tokyo. How old is 26? Should I be married yet? Should I know how to hang wallpaper and have a stick for stirring paint? Should I still find enjoyment in computer games? Should I know how what WD40 is, how much it is and where to get it? Should I still find farting funny? Should I know about fixed-rate mortgages and stakeholder pensions? Should I care about the answers to these questions, because what's probably worrying is that I don't think I do in the slightest!

Yours about to equal his highest cricket innings,

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Monkey Spanner

Shorthand update: Wednesday Night Club, Crown Inn (home of the Telford Beer Festival ™), many Balticas, Fulla in sandals, Bacon in fluffy beard, Fella in rain, Merk in love (almost), Lego museums, Jesus lovers, now hungover, at work, fed up already.

Great article in today's Guardian about the end of the world. I love the end of the world. It'll probably be something boring like the flu. But I hope it's a supervolcano like in that drama on the beeb a month ago. Bring on the apocalypse!

Today's tips: Golden Odyssey (2.35 at Cheltenham) and Rowan Lodge (2.45 at Ripon)


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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Double Barrell

Just been to Bucks Head for a great 4-0 win over the less than mighty Belper Town. 1600 attendance, about 10 of which had come from the funny-named Derbyshire town. After last week's embarrassing Bowyer v Dyer handbags, I thought the weekend's sending offs at Villa Park were more of an indication of the way footies going theses days. West Brom's Jonathan Greening and Villa's young Liam Ridgewell were both sent off for a bit of argy involving their foreheads. This was a tense and passionate derby match, and for a moment these two players lost their cool, but no punches were thrown, no kicks, instead a bit of stag-like testosterone showing off. The referee could have easily told them to cool it and warn them, but it was straight to the easy option of his red card. I know there's a bloke in the stands evaluating the ref's performance, so it's pointless having a go at the man in black. It seems as though the powers that be want matches to be controlled by written rules instead of common sense.

In the Six Nations finale at Cardiff last month, Ireland's Paul O'Connell (17 stone and 6 '6") and Robert Sidoli (18 and half stone, 6'5") started trying to punch the shite out of each other. The referee called them both to him and told them to cool down and that he didn't want sendings off to spoil an otherwise great rugby match. He called the Irish and Welsh captains to him and warned them anymore shenanigans would result in dismissals. Situation diffused, and the game was better for it. Is it that hard to bring such common sense into the round ball sport?

I managed to get my N64 working last night, and spent a happy hour being Bond. This led me to look for Mario 64 on ebay. I found it for a fiver on 'buy it now'. Bought it now, and went to pay for it, but I discovered I'm up to my limit on Paypal. I didn't even realise there was a limit on Paypal. Now I have to give them my bank details, ask them to phone me to check I am where I am, and probably give them my inside leg and 3rd form end of term report to continue using it. Could take a fortnight or so, in the meantime an Italian plumber with a dodgy 'tache is a-waiting. Shits.

There's a few folk leaving at work, it feels like a doomed ship. Big drinking buddy and Christmas party entertainer Jon is leaving at the end of this month, and I found out yesterday that 'Big' Damo is departing in June. He's jammyed a position at HSBC in the Cayman Islands. Caribbean or Stafford Park? I told him that he was very lucky, because if I managed a McDonalds, I wouldn't employ him. I think this is where my popularity stems from. Mind you, if he can get a job that far afield, then surely I can get a job in Aberystwyth. Surely?

I had a winner on the nags today, since the Gold Cup I have been slowly turning a tenner into more, and it's currently at 34 quid. Tomorrow's wagers could come in the form of Unleash in the 3:10 at Cheltenham or Tartouche who's racing at Newmarket at 1:10. I'll let you know how I get on, because I know there's a couple of gamblers out there.

Until next time,

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Sunday, April 10, 2005


In the recent wake of Welsh Grand Slams, Tony Christie chart-toppers and Chesney Hawkes on the telly, one could conclude that comebacks are in fashion, old is the new new. Not wishing to fly in the face of such overwhelming scientific evidence, I've decided to cast away the shackles of laziness and temperamental laptops and return to the blog which bears my name. So... 'ow do?

I wasn't very well last week, and spent most of the week at home watching monkey tennis and MTV2 and fighting boredam, hunger and headaches. Discovered that jam sandwiches are only a cure for one of these afflictions (and it's not hunger or headaches HONK HONK). I'm better now of course, but my current role in the great theatre of life is that of first snot receptacle. A minor role I'm sure, but I am playing it with great gusto. A full week at work follows. Glee.

I'm trying to save up for a new PC, I tried to buy it last month but it would have cleaned me out proper, leaving no money for my vices, and I wasn't willing to sacrifice those lambs. I'm hoping that I'll have it this time around.

Did you enjoy the Grand National yesterday, I did but for the tenth year running I won nowt. Strong Resolve proved to be false advertising and sauntered round the course with the enthusiasm of a Sunday driver on his way to a drive-thru castration. Luckily I had costs covered with a 18 quid win on the 2.50 at Aintree on the tough sounding Genghis.

Zapping through the music channels I can't get away from the frankly watery new Oasis single Lyla, or Layla or is it Lola? Also can't help feeling that they sound out of date. I was a big Oasis fan in the day, and still hold Definately Maybe to be one of the finest debut long players this side of The Stone Roses, but up against the showy young upstarts of the likes of Bloc Party and the quite brilliant Futureheads they seem past it and bland, and The Doves are doing epic Northern anthems better than the brothers Gallagher ever have (Black and White Town is as good as The Verve at their finest in my opinion).


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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Comeback?

I'm mulling over a return to the netwaves. Keep 'em peeled.


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