Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I Love Me

I've got the week off work, for essentially nothing. I have no plans at all. Luverly. Right now I have just eaten yesterdays leftover chicken with super nooldes. Now I'm making swearwords watching Countdown with my Spanish buddy San Miguel. As hard as I try I can't beat this showy shite from Belfast with milk bottle spectacles, I only ever seem to get five-letter long words no matter what the letters.

Watched The Ladykillers again last night, great film, Alec Guinnes is superbly evil. Not seen the remake, is it any good? Tom Hanks in the Guinnes role, hmmm. Hanks has been over-rated since he went 'serious', and Big and The Burbs remain his best performances for me. Might watch La Dolce Vita now, because Anita Ekberg looks stunning on the video case.


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