Thursday, August 12, 2004

Mo' Money Mo' Problems

I just spent 150 quid on an MP3 player. A week before my hols. Shit. Mind you it is tasty. Tasty. Very very tasty. Like Bran Flakes years ago. I've uploaded over 1100 tunes to it so far and it's still hungry for more, like an underfed child at a McDonald's birthday party. So get yerself one and start listening to a eclectic playlist such as Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra, followed by The Ramones, Groove Armada, The Futureheads and Desmond Dekker.

Bloke on benchMe hollybobs should be fun, and hopefully cheap (see above). Going back to Aber is always good. Drinking is top of the agenda and under the heading AOB should be a boat trip, ice cream and arcade games. Photos soon. Just realised that this update is shorter and sweeter than half a wham bar, at least it stop some bloggers moaning, even though all they ever do is read newspapers.


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