Thursday, May 13, 2004

Viva las Oakengates.

Pubbed it last night, no big drinking but a nice evening to sit outside enjoying the aroma of curry and fish heads from the Tandouri and the Chippy that flank the Crown's beer garden.

I still haven't received my N64, I want my Zelda man! I got a controller through the post today but nowt to plug it into yet.

I couldn't go to work today as I split my trousers putting my boots on this morning, how shit is that? I couldn't believe it. Yet another example of the cloud of trivial crapness that is following me around at the moment. I went to the cashpoint the other night, to get some readies to pay for my McDonalds, I checked my balance, "not bad", selected another service, asked for twenty quid, walked off. I forgot about it. I didn't notice until I'd ordered at the drive-through and felt in my empty pocket. Twenty-Five pounds for a big mac meal... dickhead! Bloke on bench

I've not done much today, except be pissed off that I'm not at work. Throwing a sickie is all well and good if you are knackered/hungover/job hunting/on a promise or if there's a Test match on the telly, but when you're not really expecting it, it's a bit weird. I spent quarter of an hour watching some bloke sitting on a bench eating a sandwich on a Cardiff webcam, how fucking insane am I getting? Next stop will be an obsession with serial killers, guns and the Beatles' White Album, I can feel it coming.


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