Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Weekend went that-a-way

An exciting weekend of sport and drinkies. First up was Friday night with the stars down Oakengates's trendy Crown bar. The evening got entertaining when (inevitably just lately) I was being talked to by a fan, who rather quirkily turns out to be a pyschiatric nurse. Now if that wasn't enough, one of her patients is having a bevvy and rather suddenly takes offence at summat. Cue one of nature's true wonders, the shandy-spat shoutings and nervy ravings of a mentally unhinged drunkard. I used to live next door to one in Aber. A bin man actually, but that's for another day. Ho-hum, what fun!

Enter stage right: Saturday. I was looking forward to this day, as I have done the first weekend of six nations rugby every year since 1997 (appropiately that was the year I stopped having the thirty-posh-fat-lads-playing-catch-with-an-oval-ball religion rammed down my throat courtesy of me leaving my esteemed school). As ever full of blind hope that the honest Welsh steel-workers and coal-miners (what do you mean "wasn't JPR a surgeon?") would finish higher than the plummy English doctors, solicitors and formerly bum-chinned friend of sadly departed doe-eyed royal-hanger-on.

The rugby was very good, especially the first half from Wales when Captain Caveman (right) crossed over for the second try over the hapless Scots, to seal the match after about quarter of an hour. Then I think Fulla came round, and we went to the Crown again. It seemed to be a good turn out, especially considering it was St Valentine's Day. Needless to say, I got very pissed again.

Just like last week, Sunday came next. I woke up about 1pm, ate a very nice roast beef dinner, and watched Arsenal beat Chelsea. Oh, that reminds me, our Merk and I went to the metropolis of Wolverhampton last Saturday, and spent an enjoyable, if cramped, afternoon in the Wolverhampton Wanderers press box thingy watching Arsenal strut all over the struggling West Midlands team with the nasty colour scheme. Like night follows day, we went to the pub after the match. Good Day all round, and for free too.

Other good fortune was provided this week by the BBC. Yonks ago I wrote a half-arsed limerick in a competition on the BBC's Super Furry Animals page. I forgot about this rare moment to utilise my higher education, until last week when I learnt I had won some signed album artwork. Exciting stuff hey?

Warning! New feature...
Band of the week: The Velvet Underground (especially 'Sweet Jane' and Lou Reed's 'Vicious')

Ah well readers, it's sleep time again. Will this perpetual cycle of fun never cease, nor even slow down?

'Tannen Pounder' (Stav.)