Saturday, January 24, 2004

Tennis Ausssie Style: Don't Lose Your Head

Look at his little face!Bad news for Middle England - Tennis's answer to Jenson Button, Tim "Tiger Grrrrr" Henman bottles a two set lead to lose against someone I've never heard of (namely unseeded Argy, Guillermo Canas) in the Australian Grand Slam Open thingy.

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again come June, Brits (and drugged-up generously-chinned Canadians), let's leave this game to the Aussies, Yanks and assorted continentals. It's shit anyway, I have more respect for women's football (especially if FIFA grand fromage,Sepp Blatter 's dirty old man idea comes to light). In fact only Lanky Yanky Netball comes lower in the Stavros sporting stakes ("ooh! Memphis 109 Sacramento 95, look at the scores man! Whoa yeah, exciting! Ah, here's the organ man, dum dum doo dah dum dum doo dah! Is it true some soccer games tie at zip-all? The rest of the world is so zany, it harshes my buzz man!").