Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Stav's Advent countdown: 7 days to go

I've got finally got into the spirit of things (a mere two months after various desperate shops in the evil Town Centre). Contrary to the beliefs of Bob Dorough and, latterly, De La Soul, three isn't a magic number, at least not yet anyway. Today's magic number is seven. Because today we are seven days away from the eve of the anniversary of when a bloke who may or may not have existed, may or may not have been born. Got it? Right, onwards.

In the true style of end-of-year style kiss arse shows ("there you go Mr PJ and Mr Duncan, that's for being funnier than someone else.", "howay, cheers pet, like", "aye, what me bitch said, like."), here's the first of seven Stav's awards of 2003.

The John Lennon Award for Misplaced Blasphemy: Goes to David Blaine, "Jesus was a magician, and so am I", he said. Funny how he didn't compare himself to Wizzbit-creator Paul Daniels. Anyway let me point out, so far Blainism has just the one follower, compared to Christianity's mere 2,076,629,000, so keep it up Dai, I'm sure you'll get there!


The runner-up was the entire population of the USA, for collectively and constantly wishing God to bless them. Third place was red-faced sponger Prince Harry at the rugby, basically singing along to 'God Save My Granny'.