Thursday, December 18, 2003

Stav's Advent countdown: 6 days to go

In the exciting second instalment of the awards that matter we look at the people behind those peculiar moments when football (ie. Ruskie billionaires/gang rape/drug scandals/and maybe some results) hasn't greedily consumed all of the back-page column inches like an overpaid Pac-man in shinpads. So pass me that envelope...

The Steve Redgrave Award for Sudden Interest in a Minority Sportsman: For the first time in a long time Tim Henman has been beaten (although obviously not at tennis), the winner is England kicking person Jonny Wilkinson, the new male face of the Daily Mail, and bessie mate (ahem) of sarong-wearing monotone Madridista husband of freaky twiglet-like warbler Posh Spice.

Daily Mail rugby quiz - Q1: Name another rugby player.

First loser is Tiger (Grrrr!) Tim, followed by the BBC's favourite head-shaking female Forrest Gump, Paula Radcliffe. Mmmm sweaty feet!