Friday, December 19, 2003

Stav's Advent countdown: 5 days to go

The Kim Jong-il Award for Making the World a Safer Place: The award goes to George Bush, the democratically elected president of the free world. This year he has surely made international terrorism and tit-for-tat suicide bombing a thing of the past. One day we'll look back on his reign as President and breath a sigh of relief, give thanks to God, and long for another Bush in power. Eh? Oh right! Anyone else think he's watched too many John Ford films? Capturing a feather head-dress attired Saddam with a lasso in Monument Valley, "We got 'im, Sheriff". Indeed you did son, indeed you did.

Daddy, I need to go a pee-pee!

Bush's bearded chum, Italian superstar tenor lookalike and all-round good guy Saddam Hussain comes in at second place, although whether he'll be around to challenge for next year's honours is currently in doubt. Third place goes to the man who put the 'zim' into Zimbabwe, and in the light of Idi Amin's death, the African dictator of the year, and friend of the farmers, it's Robert 'Call me Bob' Mugabe. Huzzah.