Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I'm Chairman of the Bored

The days drag on but the months fly by. I got over my dodgy cacks (to coin a medical phrase) by Friday night, alas too late to entertain the thought of a few beers. Saturday was 'family-day'. Oh good, I thought not exactly truthfully, but luckily there was enough free wine to keep me interested. I basically slept the rest of the weekend, in a way I will undoubtedly look back in envy when I am thirty-odd and have wife, children, a fence to creosote and a bald patch.

Today though, I am plain bored. L'ennui, to use a French word and make me sound very educated (see kids, GCSE's are useful, its also the name of a film I saw once that starred an, erm, none-too-shy girl with a big arse). Work is dull and uninspiring, I would be having a more fulfilling day if I were a sloth watching Big Brother, while stuck in a small, otherwise empty box... in Rhyl.

To add to my feeling of uselessness my PC is still on Planet IBM®, and I'll probably be without it for my holibobs, and also, its raining in Leeds, which means that there is no cricket being played so I have nothing but work and inactive mammals in boxes in delapidated North Wales seaside resorts to think about. It's gonna be a long day...