Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Haven't had a dream in a long time

Its quieter than a sulking monk at work today. I just can't get motivated. I lied in the subtitle, I did have a dream last night, that I was shacked-up with a bird from work. I rarely have dreams about people, so I find it very odd talking to those that star in them. Especially when the said-person distracts me from a day-dream with the offer of a plum. Hopefully I'll be back to normal tonight and dreaming about non-personal subjects like an extroverted elk-based talk show, and the day the photocopiers wreaked their long-due revenge on humanity.

Oh yeah, I heard from Planet IBM® today. They have fitted a new speaker and replaced the screen. I asked if that had solved the problem they so blatently ignored previously, he said "probably". Its humbling to know that there is employment out there for such assertive and direct people. The crux of the matter is that I should have my PC back by Friday, which means I'll have it for my holidays. Thats only six and a half weeks after I reported the problem (in that time I have paid a paltry £98.74 for the priviledge of having a PC, a bargain I think you will all agree). I'm not holding my breath though, merely breathing economically.

I've just thought... I might go to the pub tonight. And on that whistle-wetting note, I'm off to think of buckets and spades and ice-cream (and donkeys, but that's nothing new). See you,