Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Aradeg mae dal iar

As you know I updated on Saturday. I did this to the soundtrack of a street party outside that thumped, shouted and screamed from noon till ten. It was awful, I had my telly turned right up when I was trying to watch the Tri-nations rugby. I couldn't get any peace. It was a real spectacle too. All the roughest people were out there, it was like a Crimewatch Roadshow, the irony being that it was all in aid of raising funds for a neighbourhood watch scheme!

I went to the pub last night, just me, Fella and Fulla. Good yarn too, although I sank rather more than I intended to. One of the reasons for this mid-week excursion was to syphon Fulla's knowledge of a job going at his work in Shrewsbury. Quite fancy it really, I don't think it's a step up, rather a sideways step, but as anyone who grew up watching CITV's high-tech Knightmare show will know, sometimes sidesteps are the most effective steps.

Sidestep right, RIGHT. Oops! I meant left, sorry!

One of my favourite people at work is leaving tomorrow, bit sad really, but I should use it to spur me on to act about the above position. A by-product of Lauren's departure is a bender 'round Shrewsbury on Friday night. Should be a good 'un. I may have to meet Fulla at some point, he'll be in the county town and he wants me to check out his girlfriend, Sexy Sadie (who I'll be working with should I get this job). I'm not going to moan about work, because it seems thats all I ever do, I just want to say that there isn't enough work in that office for two full-time people, nevermind three. All I seem to do all day inbetween phone calls to a henpecked employee of a Wrexham factory, is try and look busy and post on BBC's cricket forum. Every day... all month. Arrrggghh!

Do you remember when I bid for half a dozen videos on eBay a few weeks ago, well I won four and was pretty happy. I was hoping they'd all arrive before I went on holiday. Well, one of them did. It was Truffaut's debut 'Les Quatre Cents Coups' (The 400 Blows). I opened it up on the Saturday morning before we left for Aber. Inside it wasn't Truffaut's first feature, inside it was Louis Malle's autobiographical 'Au Revoir les Enfants'! I finally got it sorted and received 'The 400 Blows' this morning. I've noticed that since writing this journal, simple acts involving my goods changing hands have somehow seemed more complicated than reading Virginia Woolfe while suffering from double-vision due to sleep deprivation and marijuana (ah, the old days!).

Slowly is the way to catch a chicken.