Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Now I know how Joan of Arc felt

Like the Dude, I went bowling today. Ten-pin not crown green. And I discovered what a shower of shite I am at it. Terrible! I might not have knocked over as many pins as anyone else, but I sure as hell sunk more pints. Its a fair pint of Grolsch down there my droogs! Because of the bowling, it was dress-down day (or mufti day as we used to call it in my 19th century school). I was the only one wearing a cool hat, Jesus whatever happened to non-conformity, even on a dress-down day most people try and dress the same as others. And I've certainly quietened down my act since leaving the 'anything goes' bohemia of the Cardiganshire coast. I remember one particularly mild May when me and me mucker Ben Lount (are you out there?) decided upon wearing old sheepskin coats and carried around full-length umbrellas, twirling them around like some band-leader's baton. Happy-days, but no fucker followed our fashion pioneering!

Christ I'm hiccupping! Those Grolsches must've gone down quicker than I thought. Apparently I was the loudest there... good!

I went mad on eBay last night. I discovered they had a 'Foreign and Independant VHS' section. I'm bidding on six vids. There's some good 'uns in there though, like Jean Renoir's 'La Regle du Jeu', which usually tops any poll of French or European flicks. In that foreign film section was a 'Learn Italian' video (ha! Has that got Monica Belucci in?) Also, someone was selling the funny Spanish film 'Jamón Jamón', and had advertised as "JAMON JAMON - PENELOPE CRUZ NAKED". A touch of class I thought, who could refuse?

I had a phone call today: "Hello is that Stephen?", "Yes" I answered perplexed. "I'm outside your house", is this a new politer version of burglary, I thought. "That's nice", I eventually replied. "Why?", I asked, not altogether unreasonably under the circumstances. "To collect your thinkpad, I'm from Securicor... for IBM" he stuttered to my relief. My computer was at home, and I was at work. Anyway, the fog of confusion lifted and it turns out that I will be without my PC from tomorrow onwards. Hopefully I will have it back for my hollybobs, but I'm not putting my house on it.
I'll try and be in touch, but for now I'd better be off, I've got a McFlurry on the deliver so... ta-ra.