Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I Wanna be Your Blog

Every great journey started with the first step. Even Scott of the Antartic started from a hotel in Cardiff (no wonder he was beaten to the South Pole by those Scandinavians, he was probably hungover from too much Brains SA). His main problem though, was that he walked there. I'm catching a lift on a bandwagon (cheers Mart and Dave G).

Lets set the scene. I haven't heard back from Aberystwyth University regarding the job I applied for three weeks ago. I'm starting to think if I want to move there, I'm going to have to get some donkeys and work on the beach (mind you its an outdoor job, with stunning views, management responsibilities and loyal staff).

It is a bizarre time in my life to want to start a weblog. I don't know how long I have my laptop for, as it has to go back to IBM soon. They had it in to check out a problem with my screen, and three weeks and one hard-drive later I have it back, as good as ... well three weeks before. Cheers!

I am also worried about a habit. I keep falling over. I must have weak ankles or a dodgy balance, or both. The latest falls (and I will keep you up to date on these matters) were in the car park of the Royal Bank of Scotland, and outside the pavilion at Wellington cricket club, the latter fall to much antipodean concern. I have studied the circumstances and frequency of these tumbles and deduced that 90% of my falls occur when I am half-drunk. So I have decided to not move while sober, and when possible get drunk very quickly and stay drunk. This way I shouldn't be half-drunk very much, thus I concluded, I shan't fall over so much.

Anyway I won't go on, because I'll have nowt to say by the end of July, so I'll see you later.